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Let’s be honest, life can be tough. Sometimes it seems like all that exists in the world is doom and gloom. And, it can be really hard to shake this mindset.

That’s why it helps have someone to talk to, which is where psychotherapy comes in. Psychotherapy is designed to help with a wide variety of mental health issues and emotional difficulties. PTSD, OCD, depression, social anxiety… These are all issues that can be brought to a therapist for treatment.

At Pacific Bay Health, you and your therapist will talk about what’s really bothering you and holding you back from achieving your full potential. Sessions are typically held once a week and can last for about 30 to 50 minutes. In the session, you’ll engage with your therapist and build a trusting relationship that is essential to working through the issues you’re experiencing.

Psychotherapy can be a short-term endeavor, where we’ll work on dealing with immediate issues that are putting you in a state of crises. Therapy can also last for months or years and deal with complex issues, long-standing emotional problems, and systems of behavior that are detrimental to your happiness and wellbeing. The goal of treatment is always to help the patient thrive and grow. 

By talking openly and honestly, your therapist will gain an understanding of the underlying causes for your distress. They’ll share their insights and help you understand the experiences that have influenced your life negatively. Through this understanding, you can exert control over the aspects of your behavior that are negatively impacting your life. By doing this and changing harmful behaviors many patients achieve drastic improvements in mood and general well being. Regular therapy sessions can grant you a more positive outlook, improved communication skills, self-empowerment, and reduced anxiety. So what are you waiting for?

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