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Getting ready for a big game and your knee feels a little stiff? Or maybe an old college sports injury is acting up again? Perhaps you’ve injured yourself recently and want to help speed up the recovery process? This is where a therapeutic sports massage comes into play.

Our muscles and joints take a beating for us on a daily basis, even more so when we engage in athletic activities. Aside from getting adequate rest and proper nourishment, your body needs additional care to get back up to 100%. Sports massage is a massage method that targets areas of the body specifically geared towards recreational activities and sports. Not only does this form of massage therapy provide relaxation from strenuous activity, it can reduce the heart rate and improve blood flow throughout the body.

Various massage techniques can be used but what really sets a sports massage apart from the rest is the targeting of specific areas of the body. Your massage therapist will realign and loosen muscle fibers that are giving your grief, as well as increasing blood flow to the affected area to increase your body’s natural healing process. A good sports massage also relaxes the muscles and eases tension in the joints. This treatment is great for relieving tissue aches, pains, and inflammation. Not only that, but targeted massage can kickstart the rehabilitation process or prepare an athlete prior to a sporting event. So whether you’re trying to relax after a strenuous marathon or you want to improve your poster so you can perform your best, a sports massage can be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

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