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Michael Vercos L.Ac. is In Network with both Blue Shield and Cigna. If you have a policy with an insurance company that is in or out of network, the first step is to determine if your plan covers acupuncture treatment. Insurance plans offer a wide range of coverage for treatments depending on the plan you have, so let’s get started to check if you will be covered for your treatment.

Call your insurance company and ask the following questions:

  1. Is acupuncture treatment covered?  If yes, follow up with the additional questions.  If no, your treatment will not be covered by your insurance company.
  2. How many visits are covered?  If there is a visit limitation, are the visits combined or separated with other treatments?  For example, if you are seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist, these visits my count towards you visit limitations.
  3. Is there a co-pay for the visit?  If so, how much?  Co-payments may differ from in and out of network providers.
  4. Is there a deductible amount for in and/or out of network that is subject to acupuncture coverage?  It is important that you know if there is a deductible and how much has been already met.  This will help you understand how much you will have to pay out of pocket before the insurance begins to cover your treatment.

Once you have verified coverage, call us to schedule an appointment and bring in your insurance card so that we can include it with your patient information.  If you still have questions, call us, that’s what we are here for!

Acupuncture works without drugs or chemicals.

Acupuncture has no known side effects and is perfectly safe and comfortable for almost everyone.

Acupuncture treatment may be used along with other medical techniques.

Many insurance policies cover acupuncture.

Well Known Services

The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as an effective treatment.

Targeted massage to help you feel better and create a relaxing space away from daily stress.

Experience the healing power of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy . . . it’s a new, cutting-edge treatment that may benefit you!

Designed to help with a wide variety of mental health issues and emotional difficulties.

A model of care that offers an individualized approach to patient care.

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