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Ashiatsu Massage

Got a knot in your back that you can’t seem to shake out? Or maybe your neck has been tight lately and you don’t know why? Sounds like it’s time for you to get an ashiatsu massage.

In Japanese, “Ashi” translates to ‘foot’ and “Atsu” translates into ‘pressure.’ Ashiatsu massage is similar to a Swedish massage in that they both use oil and measured strokes, except in an Ashiatsu session this is all done using feet! This form of massage applies broad, consistent pressure throughout the massage session. Overhead bars allow for incredibly light and gentle touches as well as blissfully relaxing strokes that allow for pressure to be applied for longer periods of time. This elevated angle also gives the therapist more opportunities to treat the areas that are causing you pain.

Deep tissue relief is achieved with the assistance of gravity, which allows up to three times as much pressure to be delivered than a traditional hands-on treatment. Don’t worry, nobody’s walking on your back. The amount of pressure given during an ashiatsu massage is carefully regulated by your massage therapist to suit your needs and comfort levels.

Long, measured strokes along the spine relieve tight muscles and open up the intervertebral foramen, where the spinal nerves pass through. This gives the nerves more space and assists in bringing freshly oxygenated blood into the area. Additionally, heel pressure can be applied for trigger point work and active release therapy. After only a few treatments, ashiatsu barefoot massage has been shown to improve posture, reduce chronic muscle pain, and improve bodily functions. Ashiatsu is perfect for managing stress, relaxation, and offers a genuinely great experience!

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