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Picture this: You’re just gone into the doctor’s office for a persistent, on-again off-again headache. The doctor glances at your file, listens to you for five minutes, then prescribes a mild anti-inflammatory then makes a quick exit out of the room.

We’ve all been there. A doctor’s visit that only treats the symptom and doesn’t address the issue. That’s what sets the functional medical care at Pacific Bay Health apart.

Functional medicine is a model of care that offers an individualized approach to patient care. Every individual is unique so their healthcare should be unique to them as well. With functional medicine, a patient’s full history is examined to identify the root causes of illness and disease. More time is given to collecting detailed information to properly understand any condition affecting the patient. This includes going over your diet, the amount of exercise or activity you get on a daily basis, exploring various environmental factors that may be exposing you to harmful toxins, an examination of your genetic history and predispositions, a look at the things that heighten your stress levels, and your microbiome (the collection of microorganisms living inside and on our bodies.)

Once all this information is gathered, a proper wellness plan can be developed that’s tailored to your specific needs. Don’t worry, we won’t turn your life upside down. That’s not how functional medicine works. We’ll develop a plan that takes into account your physical needs, dietary needs, your sleep pattern, emotional stressors, work and social life. With this foundation of nutrition and lifestyle changes at your disposal you can embark on a journey to health and wellbeing that’s designed specifically for you.

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