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Deep Tissue Massage

Oftentimes we gloss over discomfort or injury in the course of our busy lives. As time goes on, these issues can become chronic pain. Why suffer when you can get a deep tissue massage!

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage primarily used to treat musculoskeletal issues. This massage technique is practiced around the world and has been in use in some form since ancient times. As the name implies, this form of massage reaches deeper into your muscles and fascia to really release the tension there. Some of the techniques are similar to a Swedish massage, though the movements are performed slower, with stronger pressure in more concentrated areas. Your massage therapist will use hands, fingers, knuckles, elbows, and forearms to penetrate the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. This can help break up scar tissue from old injuries and reduce muscle tension while increasing blood flow to the area.

Deep tissue massages also help to remove waste from the body’s lymphatic system, which processes metabolic waste at a high rate. The release of lactic acid might make you feel sore afterwards so be sure to drink plenty of water to assist in the body’s detoxification process. 

Some areas where this form of massage therapy excels is in the treatment of chronic muscle pain, neck pain, lumbar pain, and herniated disks. Patients often turn to deep tissue massage when recovering for strenuous exertion or training, or rehabilitating after an injury.

Please note, if you’re prone to blood clots, recovering from surgery, suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis, check with your doctor beforehand before receiving a deep tissue massage.

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